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First and foremost I am a family man. A husband and father of 5. In what spare time I have from my first love, (my family) I am an artist/instructor working in kiln-formed glass. My glass kiln gets just as much miles on it as my Toyota Sienna van does driving the kids to sporting practice, dance rehearsals, school, etc.

As a glass artist who has been fusing and working with the medium for 8 years +, I have spent countless hours exploring, experimenting, testing , and pushing the medium of glass to its limits to see how far I can go in creating something unique and pleasing for the art enthusiast. Previous positions and experience, I recently held a County position for a non profit Art Studio, serving artists with various developmental disabilities. As an instructor and teacher in the studio, I taught multiple artists with developmental disabilities the art of creating with and working in fused glass. It brought me pleasure to spend years investing my time, talent and experience into those artists, empowering them to become the successful artists they are today. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and venues all over the tristate area, sold in gift shops and art boutiques, as well as at fine art and craft fairs held locally throughout the year. Allowing the artists to be able to make a profit and income from their work.

My body of work would be best defined as creating a constantly evolving range of decorative glass design. My current range is focused on sheets of glass and stringer strips made of glass to produce work which has undulating decorative motif art effects. One of my passions is spending hours in the studio experimenting with the glass medium and developing exciting ways to work with all the different materials. I enjoy the competition of entering my glass art into juried exhibitions and gallery shows. I find it gratifying watching others enjoy, appreciate and experience my work. I adore creating one of a kind pieces for sale in galleries and Art Fairs. As well as educating fellow glass artists of different fused glass techniques.

More recently I am the author of a popular selling fused glass ebook which showcases unique techniques in Kiln Formed Glass. In my writing the ebook, my aim is to provide artists of all skill levels with ongoing support and education to assist in developing those artists skills. I hope to be able to reach glass artists around the world whom i other wise would not have the honor or pleasure working with in my studio, Haute Fusion Studio, in Middletown,OH. The procedure and practical skill taught in my Ebook is conducted using my own methodology and knowledge, which I have no doubt differs from others being taught by several different artists, nor will the end product be the same. I have no doubts that other artists techniques have their benefits, as does mine that I teach in my book; there is no harm in exploring and sharing popular processes.

May exploring this technique bring you as much joy as it has me in the writing of this book and in the creation of the pieces that were made as the result of it.

As of July 1, 2016, I am the owner, teaching instructor and working artist at my new fused glass studio, Haute Fusion Glass Studio & Gallery, in Middletown,OH. At Haute Fusion Glass Studio, you can expect to come and learn new kiln-form glass techniques, for all levels from beginner – advanced, in one of the many classes and workshops that I offer. Commission a custom glass piece for your home or office. Or just come in and make something beautiful in fused glass to give as a gift for any occasion.

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Warmest Regards

John Ferrando

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